Important Notice


It is almost a month since spring officially began and we are very excited to announce the start of our transition out of pandemic hibernation.

As of Monday this week Malibu Coast Animal Hospital has started offering limited in-house medical services. An in-house medical service means clients will be able to accompany their pet into an exam room, while curbside services require owners to remain outside of the hospital. We will offer a hybrid of curbside and in-house services through at least the end of Summer 2022 depending on developments with new COVID variants and in following with all required Health Department compliance. Importantly, all In-house services will require a mask to be worn while inside the building. Owners are also welcome to express a desire to remain curbside if that is their preference.

One of the unforeseen challenges the pandemic presented for the veterinary community was a 50% increase in pet ownership. Our hybrid curbside and in-house service procedures will allow us to continue to provide care and resources to a maximum number of patients while ensuring that our lobby does not become overcrowded or overly stressful for visiting pets. As we discover a new post-pandemic normalcy, a hybrid approach will enable our team to assess the best means with which to handle patient flow through the hospital. Our goal is to minimize stress for patients, owners, and caregivers.

Unfortunately, our Palisades Animal Clinic location is not providing any in-house services at this time with the exception of end-of-life services. The physical space is too small to accommodate distancing of patients and people. We are working on alternative solutions and will provide further updates as they develop.

For All Services at Our Malibu Location

Upon arrival at MCAH, please pull into a parking spot and wait for our Greeter to begin your check-in process. If you wait more than 5 minutes for a Greeter to assist you when you arrive please call the front desk at 310-317-4560 to let them know.

Which services are remaining curbside?

Fit-In Exams – doctor visits scheduled on top of an already full calendar. These medical visits do not have an official appointment time but are instead “fit-in” on top of a full calendar. The cost is an additional $20 over our standard exam fee of $80.

Food and medication pick-ups -- place your order 24-48hrs in advance for maximum efficiency and ease of pick-up. Call to confirm your order is ready before arriving. Orders can be submitted by email at

  • Surgical - Drop-offs and Pick-ups

  • Boarding - Drop-offs and Pick-ups

  • Grooming - Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Clinic Services - vaccination updates, Cytopoint, allergy serum injections, suture/staple removals, drain removals, bandage/splint changes, laser treatments.

Which services will be in-house services?


Scheduled Exams: patients and owners with scheduled appointment times will be permitted into the exam room with their veterinarian. IMPORTANTLY, if you arrive 15 min or more after your appointment time your appointment will need to be transitioned to a fit-in exam and will include the $20 fit-in fee and your appointment becomes curbside.

End of Life Services: we have always understood the tenderness of saying goodbye. Our end-of-life care services have been in-house services throughout the pandemic and will remain so post-pandemic.

Insulin/Fluid/Clinical Care Demonstrations: owners receiving a clinical demonstration will be escorted into a room with one of our technicians.

What to bring to your visit to Malibu Coast Animal Hospital

1. Mask
2. Cell phone
3. Method of payment

Please direct any concerns you have about hospital policy and procedures directly to a member of our management team or email Our team members are here to care for your pets and our management team is here for your concerns.

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